Once payment has been received you can schedule to have your Crested Gecko shipped by contacting us at or messaging us on Instagram or Facebook. Your Crested Gecko will be dropped off last minute at our local FedEx Ship Center and shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight to limit the amount of time they spend in their shipping box.

Our shipping days are Monday-Wednesday and we will only ship your Crested Gecko when day and nighttime temperatures are between 38 and 85 degrees. If weather conditions do not permit shipping we will hold onto your Crested Gecko at no additional charge until conditions improve.

On your scheduled shipping day you will receive tracking information via the email you provided us at checkout. Your Crested Gecko should arrive by 10:30 a.m. the following day but if you live in a remote area delivery could be later that day. 

Please notify us within (1) hour of delivery that you have received your Crested Gecko. This is required for our LIVE ARRIVAL & 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE to be valid. We cannot guarantee the health of your Crested Gecko if they're left outside for hours after delivery. Please make sure you're there and able to receive them on your scheduled delivery day.


NOTE: Shipments must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance.

NO SHIP DATES: We cannot ship the week after Black Friday due to the high possibility of package delays at this time. We also cannot ship two weeks before or after Christmas for the same reason. We are happy to care for your gecko until we can safely ship the
m to you.


Be sure to double check the shipping information you provide when ordering from us. In addition to your address we require your email and daytime phone number. This information is required for FedEx Live Animal Shipments. If a wrong shipping address is provided our LIVE ARRIVAL & 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE is void.

We can ship to a FedEx Ship Center or FedEx staffed office at your request. It is your responsibility to make sure they will accept live animal shipments beforehand. FedEx Office & Print and FedEx Kinkos locations WILL NOT accept live animal shipments. Geckos delivered to a FedEx location need to be picked up within (1) hour of delivery. If the package gets rejected by your FedEx office or you fail to pick up your Crested Gecko within (1) hour of delivery our LIVE ARRIVAL & 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE is void.

We do not ship internationally. However, many of our customers arrange to have their Crested Gecko exported through the use of a third party service. We DO NOT offer our LIVE ARRIVAL & 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE on international shipments. While we have yet to have a problem they are inherently riskier with many aspects out of our control. If you are exporting a Crested Gecko from us you do so at your own risk.


FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping

  • $45 Flat Rate
    All Crested Geckos, regardless of how many you order, ship for just $45 to anywhere in the contiguous United States. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally.


Your Crested Gecko is guaranteed to be 100% healthy for a full seven days after delivery.


  • Health Issues
    If your Crested Gecko exhibits any signs of poor health within the seven day period please contact us within 24 hours so that we can try and help remedy the issue before it’s too late. Failure to do so will VOID our 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE.


  • Death Due to Improper Care and Feeding is Excluded
    Proper diet and housing is crucial when caring for a Crested Gecko. We strongly recommend Pangea or Repashy Crested Gecko Diet and crickets/roaches dusted with calcium. Your Crested Gecko will not grow well or be healthy on a poor diet. Proper nutrition, housing, temperature and care are all required for our 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE to be valid. Please do your research on how to care for this species before purchasing a Crested Gecko from us. Read our care guide and if you have any other questions please contact us. We are happy to help!


  • Gecko Tails 
    It is very rare but geckos can drop their tails during shipping. They can also drop their tails when stressed and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. It is a natural occurrence and it has no effect on their health or breeding ability. We are not responsible and no compensation will be given if your gecko drops its tail before, during or after shipping.

The health of the Crested Geckos we breed and sell are of the utmost importance to us. In the highly unlikely event that your Crested Gecko arrives in bad shape or deceased you must contact us immediately. If the gecko is still alive we can help remedy the problem before it's too late. If the gecko arrived dead we require digital pictures be sent to within (4) hours of delivery. If we determine your claim to be valid we will help find a suitable replacement Crested Gecko for you. We do not issue refunds under any circumstances. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges associated with replacements.

A replacement animal(s) must be requested, shipped and received by the customer within 90 days of the original ship date. Health claims exceeding 90 days will be considered null and void, no exceptions. 



We do not offer refunds under any circumstances, no exceptions. Only order if you are 100% sure you have done your research and can afford to care for your Crested Gecko properly.



Two week payment plans on Crested Geckos under $300

A $25.00 non-refundable down payment gives you the ability to put any Crested Gecko on hold. We will hold your gecko for up to two weeks, at which time full payment is due. If payment is not made in full by the end of the two weeks we will put the Crested Gecko back up for sale and you will forfeit your down payment. 

One month payment plans on Crested Geckos over $300

A 25% non-refundable down payment gives you the ability to put any Crested Gecko on hold. We will hold your gecko for up to one month, at which time full payment is due. If payment is not made in full within the one month period we will put the Crested Gecko back up for sale and you will forfeit your down payment. 


Under no circumstances are any payments received refundable.