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Fringemorphs Shipment Request Form


Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS on your new gecko(s)! We want you to meet your new gecko(s) as soon as possible. Use this form to schedule your gecko(s) to be shipped. Be sure to check your weather forecast as we can only ship if temperatures are between 32 and 85°F.


Our shipping days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Your gecko(s) will be shipped FedEx Priority Overnight so expect them to arrive the next day unless there’s a delay. Packages are typically delivered before 10:30 AM but if you live somewhere remote it can be later in the day.

Would you like to ship to a FedEx hub? If yes, please provide the address of your hub. Otherwise we will ship to the address on your order. Be sure to bring ID that matches the name on the box and be ready to pick up your gecko(s) within 2 hours of arrival for our LIVE ARRIVAL & 7-DAY HEALTH GUARANTEE to be valid.

(If your temperatures are at the extreme ends of the range it can be safer to ship to a hub)

I've reviewed my local weather forecast and temperatures in my area are above 32°F and below 85°F.  I am ready to receive my gecko(s) the day after my requested ship date.

Click SUBMIT once you have verified all information is correct.

Thanks for submitting!

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