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Lilly White Crested Gecko

Lilly White Crested Gecko


Name: Freefall

Sex: Male

Size: 4.3g

Morph: Lilly White Crested Gecko
Bronx x Holy

• Feeding on Pangea
• 7 day health guarantee
• Correlophus ciliatus

Bronx & Holy make all winners when it comes to Lilly Whites. Freefall is 100% confirmed male and can be the core of any Lilly White project. Bronx comes from a strong lineage of famously amazing pinstripes and we imported Holy from Lilly Exotics in the UK, the source of all Lilly Whites!

Freefall is our last Lilly White available from Bronx & Holy from the 2019 season and we won't have more from them until fall.

Please read through our Terms & Conditions before purchasing a Crested Gecko from us.

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