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Creamy Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko

Creamy Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko


Name: Turbine

Sex: No Pores

Size: 8g

Morph: Cream Extreme Harlequin

Parents: Cookies & Cream x Mommy (CROWNED/Possible Lavender)


We are releasing another Cookies & Cream X Mommy offspring. If you love creamy Crested Geckos, don't miss out on this guy, his pattern has been spreading a lot since he hatched. This is going to be one amazing gecko by the time it reaches adulthood. (Shown fully fired up).


• Feeding on Repashy, Pangea and Dubias

• 7 day health guarantee

Correlophus ciliatus


Please read through our Terms & Conditions before purchasing a Crested Gecko from us.

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