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Mardi Gras Dalmatian Crested Gecko

Mardi Gras Dalmatian Crested Gecko


Name: Bloodline

Sex: Male

Size: 8g

Morph: Mardi Gras Dalmatian (Probable Super / 3rd Generation!!!)

Parents: Warhawk x Scarlett

This is the first time we've released offspring from Warhawk and Scarlett. We have yet to see how these turn out as adults but being that he is a 3rd generation Mardi Gras Dalmatian, I bet he is going to be incredible! The red spots have started to come in nicely and look gorgeous against his peachy base color. If you look closely you can see more spots forming and he should develop more spots as he ages just like his parents, this is going to be one insane gecko!


• Feeding on Repashy, Pangea and Dubia Roaches.

• 7 day health guarantee

• Correlophus ciliatus


Please read through our Terms & Conditions before purchasing a Crested Gecko from us. 

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