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Fringemorphs 0.5 OZ Cup Holders

Fringemorphs 0.5 OZ Cup Holders

Fringemorphs 0.5 oz Cup Holder (FREE SHIPPING, USPS Priority 1-3 Business Days)

Choose between the 10 or 25 pack. 


• Holds one 0.5 oz portion cup

• Tip resistant 

• Stylish clean/modern design with a brushed cement look

• Designed for a variety of arboreal or terrestrial gecko species and small lizards. 


Sick of spending $6 to $10+ on cup holders for your geckos? So were we! These 0.5 oz cup holders were designed to stop food spills and be easy to clean. Save time and money with these simple but effective cup holders!


The ultra sleek design of these cup holders look amazing in a rack system as well as a naturalistic vivarium. What are you waiting for, get yours today!


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