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Patternless Red Crested Gecko

Patternless Red Crested Gecko


Name: Askja

Sex: No Pores (Possible Female)
Size: 6-7g

Morph: Patternless Red (Ultra Clean)
Parents: Samson x Fanta


Did you know that patternless reds can be paired up with other morphs and they will pass on their color to their offspring? This is how Blush was produced, one of our pink extreme harlequins.


If you've been looking for a Patternless Red Crested Gecko for your breeding project or if you just want an ultra-bright gecko to show off in your terrarium, this is the one! The color has started to intensify in the last couple of months and should look pretty spectacular by the time this Crested Gecko becomes an adult. 


NOTE: This gecko is missing the tip of it's tail due to tail nip form a clutch mate. It has healed over since the incident and looks good now. 


• Feeding on Repashy, Pangea and Dubia Roaches.

• 7 day health guarantee

• Correlophus ciliatus


Please read through our Terms & Conditions before purchasing a Crested Gecko from us. 

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