On this page I will share with you the origins of the Fringemorphs TruePink™ line. We'll go over it's origins and history, what is currently being produced and what we hope to produce in the future.

The Beginning
Back when we started in 2010 the Crested Gecko landscape was very different. A "full-pinstripe" was very coveted and red crested geckos were few and far between. 


As you can tell by the photos, a patternless Crested Gecko is just that. They come in several color variations such as cream, yellow, orange, pink, red, brown, dark brown, tan and olive. The cleaner the gecko, meaning, the less spots and markings, the higher quality the morph is. If you are looking to create different colored Harlequins, Pinstripes or Flame Crested Geckos these are the ones to do it with. This is how we produced Blush (Alpha X Peaches), one of our Pink Extreme Harlequins.